Green Landscaping

Bamboo Garden

GL USCN grows, sells, and plants the bamboo garden products for clients

Vertical Garden

The practice of producing food and medicine in vertically stacked layers

Asian-themed Garden

Design, build and install garden architectural components

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf for residential and commercial land owners

Our company

GL USCN is a landscape architecture and construction company that offers superior Landscape architecture and construction, garden supplies and native specialty plants, tree seedlings and other landscape services.

With developing and maintaining new job opportunities in mind, GL USCN will be focusing on providing high-end, environmentally-friendly landscape planning, design and construction services for large multi-functional site, commercial or residential complexes, and small intimate communities in the great San Francisco Bay Area.

Products & Services

We plan to grow its business from its initial offerings  to offering a comprehensive set of innovative gardening and landscaping products and services to a range of customers.

We offer the following services:

  1.  Business services
    1.  Contract services
  2.  Gardening and Landscaping
    1.  New product development for landscapes and gardens
    2.  Commercial landscaping services
  3.  Garden Design and Construction
    1.  Landscaping construction
    2.  Project management
    3.  Landscape architecture services
    4.  Landscape consulting 

If you are interested in one or more, just call us at 510-306-2992.  

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