Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden is a very popular word in these years that it refers to any kind of construction and support structure for growing plants in an upwards-directed, vertical way and thereby efficiently and productively making use of the existing space for food or other kind of plant production.

The reuse of different composts (e.g. compost, vermicompost or terra preta) from household wastes and reclaimed water (e.g. greywater) or urine can be considered in vertical gardening allowing to enhance food production and to close the nutrient and water cycle at a local level.


  • Local reuse of compost and reclaimed water from household wastes (human excreta, biodegradable wastes and greywater)
  • Low cost
  • Minimal agricultural area required
  • Contribution to household food security and alleviation of food shortages and poverty
  • Temperature insulation by growing plants on the walls of houses


  • Unpleasant odours may appear during the irrigation with greywater and urine
  • A certain amount of labour required
  • Regular watering or irrigation system has to be in place

Farm Wall Tower

Farm Wall

It is a farm wall tower to help plants grow faster and more nutritious – all without pesticides, plant hormones, or any other harmful substances.

It should be installed in a location that receives the correct amount of light for the crops growing. Besides, it is recommended to place a Farm Wall near a spigot or sink to make the process of adding water easier.

Designs we may do like this...




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